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Business Continuity Issues and Disaster Recovery

Protect Your Stuff with a Disaster Recovery Plan from AMBOY COMPUTER

Disaster Recovery is exactly what it sounds like... the worst thing ever. AMBOY COMPUTER can prepare your company for what you hope never happens.

It's one thing to restore a file or folder from an accidentally deleted network share. It's another thing to lose everything and have to get it all back.  It could take days - even weeks to get your organization back in business. and, as we all know, that time is money.

What do you need to protect your stuff? Well, that's up to you, your needs and, more importantly, your budget. Ask yourself these questions:

Question: What data do you need to restore to operate immediately? Think of this as the stuff you need to open the doors again after disaster.
Question: What data can you restore over a period of time? This data could be past emails, large picture files or archives that are rarely accessed but still essential to your organization... just not right now.
Question: How many versions of your stuff do you want to save? Most of today's backup solutions allow you to keep weeks, months and even years’ worth of older data for you to restore (or compare to newer files). But while you may want all of these files saved, it could clog up your backup locations and cost your hundreds and thousands of dollars in extra disk space you might not really need.

Think of your disaster recovery options like this:
-How fast do you need your stuff?
-How much of your stuff do you need right away?
-How much are you willing to spend?
-How much are you willing to risk?
-What would you do if there were no data to recover?
...and, most importantly...
-What are you doing about it today?

Let Amboy Computer start preparing a custom Disaster Recovery Plan for you today. We know the right questions to ask and how to fit all of your needs into your budget.

HIPAA and HITECH Planning
Many of today’s businesses have to follow the HIPAA and HITECH guidelines, not only to protect their data, but to protect themselves. AMBOY COMPUTER can design your network to meet those requirements. Let us help protect your data today.

Network Protection, Anti-Virus and Virus Removal
To protect your network, AMBOY COMPUTER will examine your business' broadband connection, firewall and network access. We will check to make sure that holes in your network are closed and that your Workstations, Servers and appliances are all up-to-date with critical security patches and firmware revisions.

AMBOY COMPUTER provides Preventative Corporate Anti-Virus Solutions as well as protection for home and remote users. For those infected by viruses or virus-like activity, AMBOY COMPUTER also provides expert Virus and Spyware Removal.

Storage and Virtualization
Virtualize your network for more flexibility. Expand on-the-fly; share storage; and create the high-availability you need that physical servers just can’t provide.